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Oops Bags

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Please Read Before Purchasing. 


NO COUPON CODES. Your order WILL be canceled if you use a coupon code as this bags are already discounted. 

Oops bags are first come, first serve. Once they are gone they will not be restocked. 

Oops bags have 10-15 sheets of stickers that are either not perfect enough to sell or are overstock. There may be full kits or only a sheet or two from a collection. There will also be stickers for Erin Condren, Happy Planner, Mini Happy Planner, or Hobo Weeks. I do my best to bundle like items, but please know that there could be stickers for multiple planners in your bag. 

 We also have Glitter Header Oops Bags. 10-12 sheets per bag. 

Bags can have both matte or glossy paper. Some kits may have full or partial kits in them. 

These bags are already bundled, so you may receive duplicate sheets if you order more than one bag. This cannot be changed. 

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